Yeguada Soto Gil was founded by José María Castillo in 1992, with an initial group of mares and a stallion from Francisco Lazo. Some time afterwards, more mares were acquired from several origins, such as: Yeguada Militar, Miura, Guardiola among others.

During the next 15 years, we worked in a careful selection of mares and stallions from different studs: Paco Lazo, Escalera, Guardiola, Yeguada Militar and Miura. We needed to accurately prove the superior quality of sons, in order to finally reach our current breeding stock.

Nowadays, a good part of our adult mares are daughters of Nícaro II x Superior II (Escalera), most of them having their origin in Escalera and Lazo, but also in Guardiola, Urquijo or Yeguada Militar. Regarding to stallions, Naviero also comes from Lazo-Escalera lineage, whilst Reclamo proceeds from Elegido XXIII (MF Escalera) x Lebrijano III. Cubano otherwise, comes directly from Yeguada Militar.

Our careful selection process has resulted in colts with not only harmonious and suspended natural movements, but also an excellent work attitude and learning capability; this is what makes our horses particularly ideal for practising any discipline, from amateurs to high level competition in dressage, carriage driving, working equitation or Alta Escuela.

Regarding conformation, our horses specially stand out because of their beauty of subconvex head profiles, their long necks, athletic build, and a medium height in adults taller than 1,65m. In coat colours prevail black and brown, but there are also chestnuts and greys.



Based on morphology and functionality. We check all our horses and select those who are closer to our PRE ideal.


Qualified and experienced professionals work to guarantee físical, mental and emotional health of our horses. Top level fields, tools and facilities are available for that.


We guarantee on papers our horses’ quality and health. That way, we avoid any kind of dissatisfaction or unpleasant surprise.



The farm consists of eighty acres of pasture, 5 buildings to guard mares and foals and big boxes to control pregnancy and births. Training walker, round covered arena, initiation rectangular arena and regular dressage arena./


The natural food of our prairies, with a balanced combination of different grass and fodder is supplemented with specific feed for different ages and activity levels./


The continuous veterinary supervision and the professionalism and experience of our people are focused on providing the best care to all horses in Yeguada Soto Gil. We are horse lovers./


Depending on age and individual characteristics, our horses practice continuous training for better athletic, physical and mental development./


Paraje Soto Gil, 31350
Peralta, Navarra (Spain)

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